The Firm

A boutique tax and corporate law firm that has been in your shoes.

We deeply understand the nature of our clients’ transactions and their businesses; when it comes to major historic properties, our attorneys have acted as investor, developer, and lender. With our first-hand experience and niche know-how, our firm has built a successful track record of protecting our clients and helping them to accomplish their business goals.

Founded by Richard J. Roth, III in 2012, Roth Law Firm focuses on delivering innovative, comprehensive, and tax-efficient solutions on nearly every type of transaction. Roth Law Firm works collaboratively with clients to develop and implement novel solutions and products that are tailor-made for the different groups the firm works with: banks, private equity funds, corporations, boards of directors, and individuals. We not only understand the nature of our clients’ transactions, but also understand their businesses, and are a critical part of the team that works to accomplish each client’s business goals.